1914 Martin Style B Flatback Mandolin

1947 Martin 0-17T Flattop Tenor Guitar

1962 Martin 5-15T Flattop Tenor Guitar

1910s Vega-made Bacon Professional FF 5-String Banjo

Workshop: Steel String Woes on Gut/Nylon Banjo Neck

For those of you thinking, "what harm can come of light-gauge steel on my old XYZ 1900s-era banjo?" -- stop it! The tension is 30-50% more than the gut/nylon set you'd otherwise use!

This Bacon Professional FF had one of the heaviest warps I've seen on an old 5-string and it was a real hassle to get out of it. You can see the amount of warp-evident airspace under that straight-edge after I've pulled the frets.