Workshop: Busted Bandurria

Bandurrias are tres cool, but they've got some distinct issues due to 12-string tension and the Spanish heel design. This one is one I've slacked-off on for a long time until the proper repair solution gelled for me -- as the neck joint had caved into the top and sprung the side-seams. Of course, a few layers of old repairs accompanied this condition, too.


1890s Fairbanks Special No.1 5-String Openback Banjo

Workshop: Pickguard Pickup Frustrations

Last year (I think?) I spruced this guitar up enough for its owner to get it going again. This year he came by with a Kent-branded 60s pre-loaded pickguard and had the intention of installing it.

Ephemera: Fool & His Guild (1960s)

The title says it all. How do you like the stripes on that Guild M-20's mahogany top? And... is it me... or is the fretboard bound?

Ephemera: Uzbek Dutar (1943)

This guy is playing a dutar of the more traditional Uzbek variety. The eBay seller noted this as a 1943 photo from Kyrgyzstan. I used to be terribly interested in instruments of this style when I was in High School, but tied frets and friction pegs are generally not my thing.

Ephemera: Argentinian Series (1930s)

Here's a set of photos of the same group around town (Buenos Aires). More after the break...

Ephemera: Blonde Box (1940s)

The eBay seller listing this photo mentioned Billy Eckstine's Orchestra, but this is certainly not them. Anyhow, this fellow is playing a tasty old archtop, for sure -- as it looks like the back of a Gibson L-5 from the time.

Ephemera: Family Snap (1930s)

...with a big old sunburst box.


Local Flavor: Kitchen Woes

Those of you who have been to the shop know that we live in half of the building and run the shop out of the other half. The shop side dates to the 1930s, we think, and the house side is late 1800s. Over time we've done a lot of work to the place, but because of the excruciating amount of layers built-up by previous occupants, progress is always slow.


1958 Danelectro-made Silvertone U2 Electric Guitar

Delayed Hours Today

Well, one day back on the job after break, and I have to delay hours this morning to do a few pressing errands today. If you're planning to come up to the shop for a visit on instrument business, please try to be here after 1:30 or 2:00 PM. I should be back by then! Update: I'm here!