1940s Vega Profundo Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar

1956 Epiphone FT-110 Jumbo Flattop Guitar

2000 Trillium Octave Mandolin

2006 Breedlove Atlas AC250/SM-12 12-String Guitar

2014 Epiphone ES-175 Premium Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1960s Teisco Spectrum 2 Electric Guitar

1996 Martin DM Dreadnought Guitar

1990s Takamine EG-40C Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Guitar


Eye Candy Soon

I've had a crazily-busy weekend -- though I do have a bunch to show for it and will get blogging on those toys later this evening.

I also have a bunch of fresh inventory that's come in for consignment and only needs light work before sale -- including a boutique, luthier-made octave mandolin, Collings mandolin, some "nice cheap" electrics, and perhaps a violin or two. You'll see those listed, soon.

A few items have also been sort-of in limbo as I await answers from want-list folks before listing them, too. I'm thinking I'm going to abandon my want-list, right of first refusal policy, however, and simply go to the "first come, first serve" order of business. It's getting a bit ridiculous.

The "coming soon" list is going to get a major overhaul over the next week to add a ton of "back room" inventory that's awaiting repair. The most exciting non-guitar items coming very soon are three gorgeous 1890s/1900s, pearl-bedecked 5-string banjos (one of them is a Dobson with a wild "reverse donut" tonering).

As always -- Summer is a bit of a slow season. If there's something you're coveting, please give me a holler about possible sale pricing. The worst I can say is "can't-do-it!"


How big is that drum?

People coming into the store have been finding themselves shocked at the size of the lion dance drum. Here's a pic snagged of our group The Three Good Eggs with said drum riding shotgun.


Correspondence Despondence

Hee-hee, well, thanks to a busy season I've been un-delightfully hard to get on emails and the answering machine. I promise to get back to anything current by the afternoon tomorrow -- and if you haven't heard from me, give a shout, please!

I just swapped back from web-based Gmail to program-based Gmail and I've found a ton of messages that disappeared from circulation due to the "conversations" setting prioritizing certain threads. Oh my!

2011 Rigel ABG "Acousta" Fretless Bass Guitar

1900s German-made? Unmarked 4/4 Violin