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This is not my entire inventory! There are always a few cheap guitars, ukes, and whatnot hanging around that are not worth the dough to ship and are sold at or near cost for student use. You can also "visit" upcoming instruments at the shop if you want a pre-restoration peek.

Last updated 1/17/2016

Gibson Acoustic Guitars
  • HG-00, Style 0, and multiple Kalamazoos coming...

Martin Acoustic Guitars 
  • 00s, 0, and tenors coming...

Other Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitars


  • Gretsch Camp-style uke coming...

Mandolins & World



Instruments On Hold, Just Sold, or First Offer
Coming for sale... (many more to be listed at some point)
Archtop Guitars
  • 1910s Gibson Style 0 Scroll 16"
Flattop Steel String Guitars
  • 1930s Gibson HG-00 truss-rodded
  • 1930s Gibson Kalamazoo KG-11
  • 1930s Gibson Kalamazoo KG-11 #2 (Grinnell branding) 
  • 1930s Gibson Kalamazoo KG-11 #3
  • several more KG-11s (!!!) in various branding
  • 1930s Gibson Kalamazoo KG-14
  • 1930s Gibson Kalamazoo KG-14 #2
  • several more KG-14s (!!!) in various branding
  • 1950s Gibson LG-2
  • 1950s Gibson LG-1 (overspray)
  • 1929 Martin 5-17T tenor guitar (14-fret)
  • 1940s Martin 0-17T tenor guitar
  • 1950s Martin 5-15T tenor guitar
  • 1950s Martin 000-18
  • 1910s Washburn rosewood/spruce parlor
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt Beltone 000 12-fret (higher grade)
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt 0-size 12-fret Sovereign (a bit beat)
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt Stella decalomania parlor tailpiece
  • 1930s Oscar Schmidt Collegian parlor birch
  • 1920s Larson-school rosewood 00 12-fret (beat)
  • 1930s Regal tenor guitar all birch
  • 1930s Regal LeDomino 12-fret 00 size
  • 1930s Regal LeDomino #2
  • 1930s Regal 000 12-fret mahogany lap/Spanish conversion
  • 1930s Regal Cathedranola-style faux resonator 0 size
  • 1920s Harmony checker-binding Hawaiian parlor birch
  • 1930s Harmony Gene Autry 14-fret 00 spruce/birch
  • 1939 Harmony Gene Autry 000 14-fret "signature"
  • 1930s Harmony Supertone Hawaiian black/birds scene parlor
  • 1940s Harmony Hawaiian/birds scene parlor birch natural
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo H1265 (beat)
  • 1960s Harmony Silvertone jumbo iced tea burst 
  • 1960s Harmony Regal jumbo
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo batwing/iced tea burst
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo natural 
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo #2
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign 000 H1203
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign 000 H1203 #2 
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign 000 H1203 #3
  • 1970s Harmony Sovereign "Jet Set" jumbo H1264
  • 1920s Kay/Strom Vois 12-fret spruce/birch parlor
  • 1920s Kay/Strom Vois 12-fret birch parlor
  • 1930s KayKraft archtop guitar 14-fret
  • 1930s KayKraft archtop guitar 14-fret #2
  • 1930s Kay-made Oahu deep body Hawaiian guitar
  • 1920s Richter Hawaiian parlor birch
  • 1960s Levin Goya N-21 00 mahogany 14-fret
12-String Guitars
  • 1970s Guild F-112 (good cond)
  • 1970s Guild F-112 (very beat)
  • 1970s Guild F-212 (clean)
  • 1970s Guild F-212 #2
  • 1960s Harmony Sov jumbo 12 #3
Hawaiian/Lap/Resonator Guitars
  • None yet
    Early & Nylon/Gut-Strung Guitars
    • 1860s American rosewood/spruce parlor
    • 1860s German maple/spruce parlor 0 size
    • 1950s Favilla baritone
    • 1920s Harmony peanut mahogany soprano
    • 1930s Harmony mahogany soprano
    • 1920s/2016 Oscar Schmidt Frankenstein ukulele
    • 1930s/2016 Gretsch Frankenstein banjo ukulele
    • 1890s Fairbanks 5-string banjo
    • 1900s Vega bowlback mandolin (fancy-grade)
    • 1980s Renaissance-style lute