1960s Sekova "ChromAharP" 12-Key Autoharp

This is a lightweight, well-made, Japanese-import autoharp. It looks cool with its retro-inspired shape and has a warmer, more open voice than the average Oscar Schmidt -- but the 12 keys are limiting. I took this one in trade and it has some neat features, including a hinged cover for the tailpiece/string retaining bar and aluminum stiffeners for the key-bars as opposed to the usual just-plastic-bars.

My only work was to clean it up lightly, replace some missing strings, procure a tuning wrench for it, and spend a half hour bringing it up to pitch. It's stable and good to go -- and heck, it's even "sunburst!"

The string block takes loop or ball-end strings.

Here's the wrench that comes with it.

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