Parts: 2007 EMG SA Active Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard

Forgive me -- I forgot to put the switch tip back on in the pictures -- but it's included.

This is a recent EMG SA (their active version) pickup set with complete wiring harness. Mr. David Gilmour is the famous user of such a setup and this was removed from an '09 Mexican Strat entering my stable -- though a date on the back of the pickups indicates they're from 2007. I'm pretty old school with my gear so I prefer passive pickups, but I did take this to a gig on Friday and thought it sounded "ace." It's quiet, balanced, and has that Strat charm about it -- with a bit more of a modern shimmer.

Everything is ready to go for dropping into a Strat of your choice -- all that needs doing is re-soldering the leads from the jack after it's installed and soldering the ground wire to the ground from the bridge spring "claw."

The pickguard itself is darn clean, though the cream pickup covers show mild playwear.

That's a pretty tidy job!

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