2017 Gibson SG Faded Electric Guitar

I'm not quite sure which model SG this is, but judging by the satin finish and minimal trim, it's probably some iteration of the standard SG Faded model for this year. This one came in via customer repair and got a fresh bone nut (the original was plastic) and a good setup.

I have to be perfectly honest, here -- this is a fun guitar. For the short money that these run (for an American-made electric), I'm incredibly impressed. It's lightweight, the neck is fast and accurate, and it's built well to boot. It has the right feel. I prefer P90s on an SG, but the humbuckers do sound awfully nice. I think a rounder-sounding amp than the Vox AC4 in my soundclip would add the special sauce.

That said, forgive my out-of-tune fumblings on this guitar, too. The owner has it strung with a mixed-set of strings and a few are a little lighter than I'm used to (low E, G), so I was bending them all over the place.

Per the owner's request, the strings were coiled-up at the headstock.

The wide, aluminum strap buttons are a nice touch.

I even like the weird, vinyl-style control cavity cover.

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