Workshop: Import Banjo Turnbuckle Coordinator Rod

Many folks who've bought a low-end Asian-import banjo in the last 5 decades have found this type of coordinator rod "under the hood" when they go to adjust their instruments.

These are very simple. The smaller nut next to the rim (that holds the neck in position) should be as tight as it can be. On this particular banjo, a second screw was installed into the heel to try to keep it aligned with the top of the rim -- smart move! Many do not have this and as a result the necks shift around. I highly suggest drilling and installing a "keeper screw" on these.

The big coupler nut in the middle acts as your action adjustment (it forces the neck/rim joint to move). In one direction it will raise action and in another it will lower it. You'll just have to see how it works on your own banjo, as it depends on which threads want to move first!

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