1984 Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass Electric Hollowbody Bass

I've tried many "Beatle Bass" copies and a couple "real deals," but I have to say that the only ones that really suffice if you have the craving for one of these is the real McCoy. This one is a one-owner instrument and was built in 1984 as a 20th Anniversary model. It's 100% original, has only a few minor scratches and dings, and sounds the business.

My work included a fret level/dress and a light setup -- everything else was working just fine. The neck is straight, all the electronics work as they should, and it's even strung with LaBella flatwounds for that nice, low, thump. I think you can hear that a bit in the soundclip -- which is just run through an amp sim in GarageBand. Action is 3/32" at the 12th fret and a hair under that on the treble side. She's ready to go.

It's hard to argue with the classic lines of these basses. I always feel a bit revolted when the copies try to add f-holes that don't agree with feedback rejection and, well, don't look right.

The neck is a slim, very fast, C-shape with a lightly-radiused, rosewood fretboard and medium-large frets.

All the nickel hardware has aged to the point where, if you weren't paying attention, you might expect this to be a '60s model.

The adjustable (and intonation-adjustable) bridge is a clever feature on these basses. Still -- the whole unit really does need to be set at a slight angle for proper compensation.

I've always found these controls confusing at the very least, but they all work.

An original (as far as I can tell) hard case comes with it.

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