Parts: 1966 DeArmond Gold Foil Pickups

Crazily-enough, I've come into three original, 1966, DeArmond "gold foil" pickups of the sort that come on mid-60s Harmony Rockets. These are sought-after in the "boutique weirdo guitar" market and for good reason -- they sound super. They've got a crisp, clean, balanced, but strangely grizzly tone to them that makes them sing when pushed into breakup on an amp. All have their original adjustable housings.

Above is #1 and rated at 9.75k ohms and comes with its original mounting screws.

Here's what it looks like in different light.

There's the back. Note the flexible steel baseplate that serves as "springs" for adjusting the pickup up/down.

Pickup #2 is the same and also registers 9.75k ohms.

It also has its original mounting screws.

Pickup #3 is a barely-bit hotter at 10.2k ohms. It has two original and two replacement mounting screws.

The back shows that the springy plates have been snipped to allow for closer adjustment to the strings. Since shooting the photos I've added a couple of springs to replace that functionality.


David Burt said...

Jake, are the pickups for sale. Thanks

Jake Wildwood said...

Yep, pop me an email and I'll give you the low-down. I will be listing these for sale tomorrow, though.