1950s Favilla Baritone Ukulele

Yet another doggone, beat-up Favilla bari! This one came in for light work via a customer who's brought in at least three of these over the years. It got a crack cleated and sealed, a saddle-area bridge shave (and replacement of the saddle) and a good setup. The frets were "good enough" and so we left them as-is.

As usual, after being dialed-in, the instrument delivers the full, lusty, balanced tone one can almost always expect from this brand of baritone uke. I've yet to play one I didn't like right from the get-go.

Materials are solid mahogany throughout with a Brazilian rosewood bridge and fretboard. The original saddle was bone but I've replaced it, here, with ebony. The original bone nut is there, though. Aside from finish checking (very typical for Favillas), the instrument's only other injury is a crack (repaired) below the bridge. Not bad for all this time!

Instead of "classical" tie-end stringing, I simply granny-knot the ends into ball-end strings and slip them from the rear. This always gives good down-pressure on the saddle and boosts volume and gives a cleaner tone.

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