Workshop: For Barry

Mr. Barry (a longtime customer and trading partner) and his lovely (and quite indulgent) wife came by the shop today from over in Maine and, as a result of sifting through all sorts of guitars in the "consignments coming soon" rack, he picked-out a KG-11 for himself. Since I was planning on getting one ready next week anyhow, his timing was quite good, and after they left for their return drive around 4:15 PM, this box got a neck reset, replacement bridge, and a couple of crack repairs before the workshop lights went off.

Tomorrow brings completed pics of this guitar, a companion KG-14 I couldn't quite get-done last week, and workshop posts on some customer repair instruments -- a Goya G-10 and a Gibson B-25 as well as a "crooked-bridge" Martin 0-18. Until then!

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Warren said...

Now that is some multi-tasking! Nice work.