Silence Getting Eerie?

I've been pushing hard the past two days and wanting to share a bunch of toys with all of you, but they'll have to wait for tomorrow (Thursday) so I can get around to soundclips and whatnot. On Tuesday I built a two-stringed, guitar-scale, 14" banjo rim, fretted, bowed, cello-like beast that turned out far, far, far better than I expected and, surprise-surprise, sounds like a real instrument.

Today I polished-off a number of shorter-work consignment instruments including a 1930s carved-top Harmony archtop guitar, a 1930s pressed-top Harmony archtop guitar (both nicely-trimmed), a late 50s/early 60s Kay 5-string resonator banjo, a newer Gretsch spider-cone resonator guitar, and a newer Ohana baritone uke.

Also tomorrow I'm hoping to finish-up a 1930s Epiphone carved-top guitar and dig-into some heavier repairs on a brace of beautiful customer-repair older Martins. So -- once again -- sorry for a bit of quiet on the blog and I will try to get back to everyone's inquiries as soon as possible as well.

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