Inventory Bulk-Up

I've been ignoring my inventory a bit, lately, as things transition in and out. New additions are that "Oscar-Voisinet" banjo uke which I added a resonator to, a customer's gorgeous Martin 1K soprano koa uke, that Kalamazoo KG-12 from last year with a new bridge, and finally that funky old Camp-style soprano/sopranino uke.

Things that should be listed by the end of this week include a 1950 Martin 00-18 (player's grade), 1930s Gibson HG-00, and a 1930s Kalamazoo KG-14. That forever-listed "coming soon" lute is also getting-there. As far as repairs go: there's a whole bunch of wonderful stuff to show-off in the coming weeks. I'm definitely the kid in the candy shop.

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