1969 Harmony-made Silvertone "Sovereign" Jumbo Flattop Guitar

The date stamp on this guitar is smudged but it appears to be F-69 -- meaning 1969 manufacture. The model number is, however, entirely bogus as it states H1265 when this is clearly a differently-appointed H1260 variant as opposed to an H1265 with its "Western bling" styling.

Of all the various Harmony Sovereign rebrands (the Silvertone at the headstock means this one was sold by Sears) I've had in the shop (courtesy of a Sovereign collector), I like this one the best so far. It's crack-free, has a great-looking tobacco/iced-tea sunburst finish, and a medium-big, C-shaped neck that gives it a trusty, reliable feel. The tone is straight-up "Sovereign jumbo" and has that long sustain, fat but airy bottom, and punchy-mids sound that I come to expect from them. These guitars were made late in the game for ladder-braced instruments and Harmony pretty-much nailed it, tone-wise, on these models.

This one was here for customer repair and received a neck reset, fret level/dress, recut of the saddle slot, and a new (drop-in) bone saddle.

As usual, this has a 25 1/4" scale length, flatter-radiused rosewood fretboard, and 16" wide jumbo-dreadnought body.

I also had to reglue the pickguard for about 2/3 of its surface -- they're almost always lifting-off on these old Sovereign-style Harmony jumbos.

I often convert these Harmony bridges to drop-in saddle slots as the original, plastic saddles in their tiny slots are almost always entirely inadequate to use for a proper setup.

The back is big, one-piece, sold mahogany.

Also, as usual, the heel cap had disintegrated so I used pickguard material to replace it.

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