Workshop: Installing Side Dots

Here's a simple way to install side dots on instruments. Above are the tools needed -- a drill (I prefer a hand drill as it's slower to mess something up), proper bit (this is 1/16" to match the 1/16" plastic StewMac side dot material), gel super glue, an awl, and a chisel.

Step one -- use the awl to mark the locations for your side dots.

Step two -- drill the holes. I go about 1/16" to 1/8" in the side -- not far at all but enough to hold the material.

Step three -- put a dot of super-glue gel (or thinner super glue -- whatever you have on hand) on something you can dip the side dot material in the glue with.

Step four -- dab the end to get a tiny bit of glue on it.

Step five -- fit it in the hole. You must hold the inlay rod pretty steady and apply even pressure near where the hole is so as to not bend/kink the rod.

Step six -- use the chisel to cut the inlay flush.



Motorbuffalo said...

Is that faint circle in the neck and chipped board near the 5th fret from some sort of five string conversion in the past?

Jake Wildwood said...

Good eyes, yeah. I didn't fix it, though -- it was done in the past.