Parts: 3/4 Double Bass Neck & Jatoba Fingerboard

These are brand-new parts that I picked-up from Gollihur Music for possible installation on a 1950s King Mortone bass. I saved the (butchered) original neck and now have these bits available as surplus (to me).

Both the neck and fingerboard are Engelhardt-brand supplies and the neck is one-piece (quartersawn) maple with added-on wood "volutes" at the scroll. It needs the board installation and final fitting, sanding, and possible reshaping depending on your preferences.

The neck is a $139 part from Gollihur and the jatoba ("Brazilian cherry" -- like rosewood) board is a $94 part. I paid that plus $30-odd shipping for both of them. For an idea of what the jatoba board looks like, I used one on my upright banjo bass a couple years ago.

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