October: State of the Shop

The pic is a sunrise right out our front door from a few days ago. It's been very gloomy the past two days, though! Stuff like this makes it worth it living an hour from anywhere in the middle of the Green Mountains.

Anyhow, I'm going to start doing a monthly "State of the Shop" post -- just to let folks know what's on my mind work-wise and business-wise. It's simple, this month: I've been trying to cram as much out-of-state repair work into my schedule as I can before the end of the month, after which I'll be focusing back on a bunch of consignment repair-and-sell jobs. The first bracket of those includes two jaw-droppingly pretty National single-cone guitars from the 30s, a Gibson style O guitar, and a 50s Martin 000.

I've also been very remiss about returning emails and phonecalls, however, and I'm sorry about that. Aside from the physical work, there have been a ton of while-you-wait "little jobs" and the usual Fall leaf-peepers about. Add in two kids and an undending list of "need to do before it gets cold" sprucing-up about the house and you get the picture.

If you need my ear, give me a call, please! I talk while I work all day long.

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Patsy Monteleone said...

You're a busy fella, no doubt! I still am (and always will be) fully enjoying the fixed gitbox, the banjo, and the reso-bari. Can't thank you enough, you know! ;) Take care, and love to all.