2010s Ibanez AS7312 12-String Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

This is more of a review for this guitar than anything else. I did a setup on this for a customer and was shocked that they'd only paid about $200 for it (new -- a flash sale at a store) when these are running about $500 online. It played decently before a setup but after adjusting it (and compensating the saddles for the string slots individually via a grinding wheel on my Dremel) it really nails a fast, easy-flowing 12-string experience. 

The only problem? Being a 335-style interpretation, it has average Chinese-import humbuckers on it. To my ears, these don't suit that 12-string jangle at all and the owner agrees. He's going to swap out to GFS Surf 90s (Dynasonic-style pickups in humbucker-sized mounts) which I think will really open up the potential of this guitar. They're the closest thing I could think of to getting something closer that Rickenbacker sound without having to make custom rings to fit "toaster" pickups on it.

Individual sealed 18:1 tuners are nice to have on a 12, though they do make the headstock heavy.

Like original Gibson 12-string units, the 12-string bridges of this type don't have individual string compensation/adjustability like you'd find on a Fender XII or the late 80s/early 90s MIJ Fender Strat XIIs (the latter being something on my radar for years once I find one in a color I like).

I had to do a bit of modding to the saddles to get the intonation closer.

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