1998 Guild D4 NT HG Dreadnought Guitar

At first glance this looks like "anther pretty face," though it's actually a bit upscale from your average D4 from the late 90s. This one has a high gloss finish and that makes it, basically, a D25 with a different model name. It's got a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides (laminate pressed-arch back like on many Guilds) and it's in excellent condition with only the most minor of random usewear on it. She's clean!

A customer brought this in for consignment and I finally got around to doing the minor fret level/dress and setup it needed before listing. It plays spot-on with 1/16" DGBE and 3/32" EA action and has a good, D-18-style (but a little zingier), hog-dreadnought tone. The nut is 1 11/16" and the neck has a comfortable, modern, slim/medium C profile to it that doesn't kill my hands in the same way that the ultra-slim modern necks can (I'm talking about you, Taylor).

There's not much more to say -- it's a classic dreadnought in tone, shape, materials, and feel and it's in good health.

The saddle has about 1/16" more adjustment room but I did add string ramps and compensate the B-string slot the last time this was in the shop (about a year ago). I adjusted the setup again when it came in, now, and added a fresh set of 12s.

The neck is mahogany, too, and the neck angle is good with a fretboard extension that dips down towards the body just-so. This is the way it should be, rather than the ski-jump reverse of that.

It comes with a sturdy, practical, hard case.

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