Wild Grapes & Garden-Crazy

This time of year is always fun because everything can be picked -- not just guitars. Yesterday I took a ladder up our "jelly tree" (an apple tree with wild grape vines on it) and yanked down a bunch more for our stores. Bonnie always thought she didn't like wild grapes and I'd been talking them up for a few years (I've always liked them) and had been hunting for a wild vine to transplant to our garden.

Last year, miraculously enough, we noticed that a wild grape vine had sewn itself into our garden without my help (things just wander out of the woods, it seems) and up one of our older apple trees. This year it was full enough to produce a lot and we've been enjoying them ever since. I'm already thinking about building a structure to train it on so I don't have to become an arborist to get a full bushel.

Bonnie's pumpkins are looking grand, too.

This is a found-wood seat that I made for the garden earlier this year and the morning glories have absolutely eaten it alive. It's pretty glorious to get inside in the morning and look out at a lot of gorgeous flowers.

Always helping...

This year Bonnie planted some black/purple tomatoes which are still messing with my head as I walk by each day.


David Mack said...

You lead a charmed life,Jake.

Warren Grice said...

Bet some good wine can be made from the grapes when you get a nice big crop! Done that myself back home!

Jake Wildwood said...

David: It's true!

Warren: I was thinking that myself. :)