Review: Heil PL-2T Desktop Mic Boom Arm

It dawned on me last weekend that there must be a better solution for quick recording than having to deal with a floor-mounted mic stand taking up space and being slow to adjust for different instruments (not to mention being a favorite thing for family members and guests to knock over). After browsing around, I decided to plop down adequate money and bought a Heil PL-2T boom. I have to say -- with the amount of recording that I do I'm certainly not in the market for cheap disposable equipment anymore.

While the pic above is a terrible example of it, you get the idea -- it's a simple clamp-on-desk package with a concealed cord channel, no external springs (thank the gods -- if you've used those cheap desk lights you know how annoying the springs can be), and a stiff-but-sturdy action. It moves where you want it to and stays. I'm happy. Stuff like this isn't glorious but it sure is nice to be able to tuck my mic away into my desk alcove in the workshop and have it out of the way... and then pull it out and set it up wherever I want it to be really fast.

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