Harvest Fair Time!

Bits of our shop relocated to Rochester, VT's Harvest Fair on Saturday and I was there all day with Bonnie (and the kids for a lot of it) while I ran sound (accidentally, hah hah) for the different bands playing on the impromptu stage. Mr. Joe gave us a nice hour slot for The Three Good Eggs and also for our friends Rick Redington & The Luv. That was a nice tip of the hat as for many years the slots have been a quick 20-30 minutes.

From left -- Oona (5), Elsa (3), and Mama staffing The Wildwood Flower's booth at the Harvest Fair. The hats were being sold somewhere at the fair as a way to raise cash for a kid's trip to Ecuador. Speaking of Ecuador -- oh, man, the highlands in that country are beautiful. I'm not much for the jungle, though, as humidity kills me.

Here we are getting plugged-in -- the hay bales are a yearly thing, too, and fill-up and empty-out every time acts come on and off. My favorite bit is watching the kids leap from bale to bale while we play!

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