Catch-Up & Release

I think I've gotten back to all the emails that've landed in my box since the weekend, though I'm still getting back to everyone's calls -- sorry about that! I took a break from any that weren't serious as it's been slamming-busy for a week or so.

In other news: we've entered a weird new world where both of our kids are in some form of school -- and we parent-folks actually have a few hours of extra time in the morning. Can you imagine it? For the first time in years I'm actually getting caught-up on the sidelines of the business -- going back and fixing old posts, doing research (something I used to do a lot a while back), getting more recording done (and, soon, I hope to rejuvenate my 2-years-failed YouTube presence), and managing to get instruments shipped-out on time.

That last one has been incredibly hard with kids and family around as they don't leave me much time to get in the packing-room when the store's not open -- which is, of course, the worst time to pack things because I have people coming in and out all day long. Which gets me to another point -- I absolutely never knew that fixing instruments would be a vocation similar to doctoring! For a few years, now, I've had to leave a fair amount of "slack time" in my day for all of the random instrument illnesses that walk-in daily and need to get solved before gigs, events, vacations, and whatnot. It's a good way to keep me on my toes.

What else? There's a horde of things to add, subtract, and finagle on the inventory page. Among them: 20s Washburn bari-uke/pear "tenor" guitar, 50s Harmony bari-uke w/pickup, that Junior Jumbo Regal, and that lovely Weymann 5-string. Two other 5-strings are up in the air at the moment, too.

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