2009 Eastman VC90 4/4 Cello

Please don't make fun of my soundclip (hee, hee), but suffice to say I'm very out of practice on a cello (though I did make an attempt for a while, a few years ago). A consignor picked this Chinese-made Eastman up and brought it here for resale (he's a fiddler and always manages to find things that are just a bit bigger than he can chew). It came in lightly-used shape with one replaced peg and needing a setup desperately. The "student" lined-stickers were even still on the fingerboard.

I gave it the setup, reshaped the bridge top a little, cleaned it up, and -- hey, I'm really impressed with this for an instrument that sells new in the $750 range -- and for a new cello, in general. It has a solid, carved spruce top, laminate maple back and sides, a synthetic tailpiece with 4 fine tuners, ebony fingerboard (with Romburg bevel), and it came in with what sound like fairly decent rope-core strings.

The condition would be "as new" but for a tiny bit of light scratching on the side (rib) next to where the heel meets the body on the "playing" side. Why? Maybe someone wore a ring or had long nails when they rested their hand during practice?

Three of the pegs are original and the low C is a replacement that I fit a little better (someone had just shoved it in there without fitting it correctly).

While the neck isn't highly-figured, it's at pretty fairly well-cut.

The Bausch bridge and soundpost are fit nicely, though I did need to reprofile the top of the bridge to clean it up and adjust playability.

It comes with a gigbag and fiberglass (Glasser-style but not) bow.

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