1980s Ovation Celebrity CC67 Acoustic/Electric Guitar

The full, deep bowl, and non-cutaway body of this instrument suggests that -- from a short distance away -- this is a US-made Ovation Balladeer. When you get closer, however, you notice it's a "Celebrity" model -- though this one's on the early side. Its serial number indicates it's a 1979 model, though I have to say I doubt that a bit as these tend to be 80s guitars. Interestingly, unlike most Celebrity models, there's no "made in Korea" (or any country-of-origin) notice on the label itself, though this is almost certainly an import.

While I respect the big bowl and non-cutaway (more tonal depth/power -- one of my favorite "early Jake" guitars was a late-60s Balladeer), the top is a bit more heavily-braced than your average "real" Ovation and it's also laminate. There have also been various muckings-about with the guitar by previous owners, but after regluing/shaving the bridge, a heavy-handed fret level/dress, and a bunch of cleaning and setup, I have to admit that this is playing quite well and sounds a lot better than it should. Work, by the way, was for the grandson of the original owner.

I always liked the folksy diamond-style inlay used on Ovation guitars.

The bridge was an absolute chore -- it was epoxied to the laminate top which caused me some concern, but eventually I was able to get it all up and reglue it back "down pat." To get the action down, I then needed to shave both the bridge and saddle (a pretty common need on old import Ovations) and then put a sealer coat back on the bridge to get it looking at leas half-way "right."

Note that the saddle is now compensated correctly.

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