Second Time Around

Well, there are always hiccups to any business. The fella who was dead set on coming in-shop to grab that nice old '30s Gibson (L-00-style) Kel Kroydon finally admitted defeat at attempting to get here and it's off of its very long hold. On the up-side, it's been stowed here the whole time and its setup and condition has been perfectly stable and good to go whenever I pulled it out to pick it a bit, so we know how it'll hold up! It's now available in the inventory.

Next-up, the owner of that '44 00-17 moved "sideways" to a bigger guitar and it's available. This one is a heck of a player and comes with a new Martin hard case.

Last-up, I'm letting go of my '30 Vegaphone plectrum banjo -- it's a honey -- for short money. I'm looking to swap-out to an "official" openback model to spare my shoulder (I'm now definitely sure I get worn-out with resonator instruments over a few hours of straight play) instead of removing the resonator and hardware from this one -- which feels like a waste on such a nicely-built instrument.

So, there's those three beauts and several more from the last week to ponder over. Next week I'll be focusing on pushing a bunch of customer-repairs out the door -- so maybe you'll see one of yours "on the block!"

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