2000s Zither Electric Tenor Guitar

The brand name "Zither" may be an unfortunate choice (I tend to associate most zithers with huckster instruments like the Hawaiian tremoloa), this ash-bodied tenor guitar is actually quite a well-built, well-designed instrument. A customer brought it in and we just-slightly nudged the setup on it. He plays it a step down from octave mandolin tuning (FCGD vs. GDAE) and it sounds big and full with a hint of Fender twang through its matched pair of Tele neck-style pickups.

While Zither-brand instruments are no longer being made, it looks like the maker has moved-on to making fancy instrument stands.

Originally this had one pickup, but the owner had it adapted for two with a bridge pup addition and mini 3-way switch install.

The neck is through-body and maple with a rosewood fretboard and truss cover. The board is radiused and has medium-jumbo fretwire. It's nice to see a tenor instrument with a radiused board (it feels great) and the wider nut-width makes fingering nice and comfortable (rather than squeezed).

The bridge is custom-cut aluminum and has just-barely enough compensation room for the low tuning the owner prefers.

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