2000s Jupiter Creek Electric Strumstick/Dulcimer

Back when the uke craze was in high-swing (it still is, by the way), I remember seeing Jupiter Creek electrified ukes, tenor guitars, and whatnot all over eBay. The maker earned quite a name for himself -- and for good reason: this is a smartly-made, bare-bones, practical instrument. It was in for a setup so I grabbed a few shots.

I'd wondered why the JC instruments disappeared from the scene somewhere in the back of my mind and the owner of this instrument informed me that the maker had passed away. Dang! The whole transience of life thing sure can sting.

This one has a simple pine body, mahogany neck, dulcimer-style fret spacing (the owner keeps it tuned DAD), a custom aluminum bridge, stock Asian-import saddles, Tele-style "dome" knobs, and a miscellaneous (but very sweet/clean) pickup.

I think something like this would be a heck of a lot of fun to play with a bunch of reverb splashing around on the amp.

Bone nut and -- rosewood? -- fretboard.

I enjoyed all of the curious body contouring (it's so small it doesn't need it -- but still).

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