1950s Favilla Baritone Ukulele

Readers, by now, will know that I'm typically over-the-moon for Favilla baritones. This one's no different and it's my favorite voicing when it comes to these -- hitting that "flamenco" tone on the nose. Listen to the clip to see what I mean! It's not totally surprising that these instruments "have that tone" for the most part, due to their light build and fan-braced tops.

This is a customer's instrument (not for sale) and I simply nudged the setup a tiny little bit to get it "right."

This old Favilla is also in great shape -- no cracks, finish in reasonably good condition, and with an unmodified setup that's actually on the dot after all these years. Someone didn't abuse it or store it poorly, that's for sure.

The nut and saddle are bone, the uke itself is all-solid mahogany, and the board and bridge are Brazilian rosewood. The owner has D'Addario "Titanium" strings on it and they suit it well.

A winner! It's stoking my "fire" for one of these, for sure.

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