1920s Schoenhut "Liberty" Sopranino Banjo Ukulele

My inlaws found this in their antiques-scrounging and brought it up here (thanks)! It's the cutest little banjo uke I've ever seen as it's -- at first glance -- an "inline style rim" jo-uke, but when you get closer you realize it's micro-sized with only a 10 3/4" scale length. That would've made it a kids model when it was made but, nowadays, it makes a great platform for tuning up to "sopranino" pitches. I have it tuned DGBE above uke's GCEA and you can hear that, in the soundclip, it has this amazing, projecting, clinky voice.

My work included re-heading it (it's pretty basic), a fret level/dress, install of older '20s pegs, a replacement (vintage) bridge, and of course a good setup. It plays like a "real instrument" and it's a joy to bang-out chords on. I look forward to using it for color on recordings.

I have no idea of the maker on this uke -- possibly Harmony or Globe Music Co? It's made from the standard-issue soft-ish maple, though, as far as I can tell.

The bridge is an older parts-bin one that lost its ebony top. In this capacity, though? Perfect.


Gim Ardal said...

Pretty sure Globe made these - very similar to the octagonal ukes they're famous for

Jake Wildwood said...

Thanks, Gim!