Thank You, World

...for not collapsing while our family has been recovering from this terrible, nasty flu/bug/thing. My brain feels like it's functioning at about 3/4 power now and apples no longer taste like salad with vinaigrette -- so I think we're on the right course. The last two blog posts are actually leftovers from Thursday, though they'll still taste fresh when read, I hope.

I lost a couple days' work and correspondence time out flat and am scrambling to catch up, however, so please give me a little leeway over the next couple of days to get back to you and get open orders out the door (thank you, by the way!). Anyhow, the wifey's down with it for real so now the kids are juggled my way while she copes.

As always, stay tuned... and I may have a cute little "off-day" Monday treat of a post as well.

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