1950 Gibson LG-2 Flattop Guitar

A customer of mine sent this up here for consignment and what a nice box it is! This one's factory order number places it directly at 1950 and it has that dry, focused, punchy-as-heck tone that I've come to expect out of early-50s x-braced Gibsons. It's also got a bunch of volume which makes it perfect for mixing-it-up with old-time and folk players.

It arrived in great condition, though the whole guitar has a coat of light overspray that "cleans up" rather than detracts. It's original, too, save for the pins, a nicely-made replacement compensated bone saddle, replacement bone nut, and non-original Kluson tuners (the originals are stashed in the case). My only work was to give it a very light fret level/dress, new strings, and a minor setup. It plays spot-on at 3/32" EA and 1/16" DGBE at the 12th fret and has "12s" tension strings on it.

That old sunburst sure looks good! Specs on this one are a 14 1/4" body width, 24 7/8" scale, 1 11/16" nut, and medium C-shaped neck. It's a comfortable, easy player and my balanced-tension set of strings adds juice just where you want it -- bulked-up treble and bass. The mids, as you'd expect, are thick and lovely no matter what you string one of these old LG-2s with.

The neck is dead straight and the truss works well.

The center seam looks like it had a dryness separation in the past, though I checked on it and it'd been professionally cleated on the inside some time back. Good to go!

Per the usual, the guitar is solid spruce over solid mahogany and has a mahogany neck with a Brazilian rosewood bridge and board.

These are replacement Klusons but the originals are in the case.

The strap button is an add-on, of course.

Oops! It looks like this endpin is a replacement as well.

A hard, Canadian case comes with it.

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