Friday again?

I can't believe it's already Friday again -- albeit in the middle of the night at the moment. There's lots of stuff to show off, hopefully, today and tomorrow. It's been a very rough-and-ready few weeks at the shop with a lot of customers in for short repairs every day and the phone ringing off the hook -- sorry for the light blogging on that account!

Aside from the usual slurry of repairs and consignment sales instruments, I finished off one of my own projects after-hours -- a very cool 30s Waldzither I converted into an octave mandolin -- and am up in the middle of the night gluing the top on to my mandobass project. I may actually have it strung-up in the white tomorrow afternoon, which is exciting.

Anyhow, till the afternoon, I'll leave you with the funny Ephemera grabs from eBay.

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