2000s Copley "Great American Country" Autographed Guitar

I admit it: guitars like this usually don't show up for sale around here, but this one is owned by a local acquaintance who mostly fiddles and wants to let it go. It's a Chinese-made Copley CA-50N -- which means, to layman's ears, a standard-issue all-laminate spruce/rosewood dreadnought (here's a link to the CA-50 and I think the only difference is the addition of faux-pearl trim). In its defense, just like an old lightweight laminate Yamaha, it does have a decent sound for what it is and the "electric" thin-C neck profile will certainly suit modern players' tastes.

The draw, however, is that it was "branded" with the "Great American Country" television logo on the front, signed by a number of modern country stars, and given away as part of some sort of drawing -- so it has the celebrity touch. Among the signatures are: Dierks Bentley, Bryan White, Billy Joe Royal, and Chris Young.

It's in "lightly-used" condition with a few of the signatures a bit rubbed from the picking arm and light scratching here and there around the pickguard.

Otherwise, it looks like it could've been hanging in a shop since new.

A 1 11/16" nut, small and quick C-shaped neck profile, and 25 1/2" scale length are featured.

The neck is "nato" (mahogany-ish stuff) and the board, headstock veneer, and bridge are rosewood.

I didn't give the frets a level and dress but I did adjust the seating of a few of them so I could set this up on-the-dot at 1/16" treble and 3/32" bass action at the 12th fret.

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