2005 National Style N "Etched" Resonator Guitar

National Reso-Phonic's recreations and modifications of old National designs are always well-built and good-sounding boxes. I think they're the only maker that's really nailing the "vintage cone" sound to a T. This nickel-silver "etched" version of their Style N 12-fret is certainly a "big old guitar" and has plenty of carrying-power and tone comparable to the old Nationals of similar style with perhaps a little bit more of a lower-mids boost/rumble.

Work on this was for a customer and included resoldering a brutally-damaged seam, a very light fret level/dress, compensation of the saddle, and full setup. It was really quite a mess when it came in and had been disassembled as well.

The truss rods on these work backwards of what's expected -- one turns counter-clockwise to "tighten" the rod.

The big old medium-jumbo frets are a nice alternative to original-style thinner frets. Note the ivoroid binding -- something one finds on the old Nat'ls. The board is also true ebony rather than a stained maple as on many of the "real thing."

The wrist-rest/cover removes with machine screws and that makes setup on-the-fly incredibly easy. If this was the one improvement on the older Nat'ls, I'd be very satisfied.

The Kluson-looking tuners are functional and "look the business," too.

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