2002/2015 Taylor Baby/Cuban Tres Conversion

A friend of mine has been ogling the recent Cuban tres and tres conversions that've been hanging out in the shop and a customer of mine was selling this Baby Taylor that needed a bridge reglue, brace reglues, and setup. So -- mix the two together and you get a Cuban tres conversion of a Baby Taylor! This is the mahogany-topped variety and the conversion has the nice, woody, midrange tone one would expect out of that.

Amazingly, the original nut sanded down just fine to reslot it without any trouble.

The strings are 10/25w, 16/16, 12/12 for GCE or GBE tuning (in the soundclip). This retunes easily to FCF, EBE, GBD, AC#E, or whatever one might like out of this (within reason).

Filling the bridge pin slots during the reglue was nice and easy. Note the proper compensation at the saddle for the strings and also the "sidestepped" pin locations.

While the top on Baby Taylors is solid, the back and sides are laminate.

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Califa G said...

Looking for a conversion like this one I can purchase. My fingers are short and traditional Tres necks are usualy bigger and thicker (i.e. Paracho). An this means I have trouble fingering the notes. This one would be perfect. If referrals are available please let me know.
Thanks and good job!
San Francisco, California