2000s Sergio Zapeda 00-Size Flattop Guitar

Excuse the quick snaps of this one -- I was doing some quick work before it went back out again on Thursday. This is a guitar made by somewhat-famous Nicaraguan builder Sergio Zapeda. It's got an Engelmann spruce top, cocobolo back and sides, and a mahogany neck with ebony fretboard and rosewood bridge. This is basically a brand-new "old stock" guitar, as it was purchased 5 or 10 years ago and never used and then given to a friend of mine. Work included a good setup, cleaning, and a bit more compensation of the saddle.

It sounds like what I'd expect from a new, luthier-built "rosewood backed" 00 guitar -- it's x-braced and has that shimmery, sweet, crystalline sort of sound that's ideal for fingerpicking yet works for edgy flatpicking. It has a balanced thing going on that recalls modern British fingerstyle makes to my ears.

The owner had me wire this Belcat soundhole pickup to a jack at the endpin. How do you like that "peach fuzz" sunburst?

The back wood is pretty stuff...

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