2000s Adams Electric Dobro/Lap Steel Hybrid Resonator Guitar

This is a strange and interesting 7-string Dobro-style guitar that was custom-ordered from Louisiana's Adams Resonator Guitars as a stage instrument. Mr. Marty Broussard was the original owner and there's even a nice picture of him slinging this on stage with an (apparently) Cajun or Zydeco outfit. Because there's very little acoustic volume, I consider this a "hybrid" acoustic/electric and so have only recorded the plugged-in sound in the above soundclip. It's built to sound good on stage and have zero feedback even when playing at full volume with a rock or country-band setup and drums going wild.

My only work on the instrument was to clean it up, pop a couple new batteries in, and a set of new nickel-wound strings. It's tuned "open" to CEGACEG (C6 lap steel tuning) but, if you noticed at the lower bout, there's an (old version) Hipshot Trilogy multi-tuner gizmo (these cost a ton of $$) so that means you can, within reason, set it up to tune and detune in a whole variety of altered tunings with the flip of a few levers. I played around with it and it does work well -- though as someone who's not used to 7-string tunings at all, it's a little beyond my brain's comfort zone to think it through entirely.

The guitar itself is quite heavy but easy on the eyes with its plethora of flamed maple. The finish is glossy and has finish-cracking here and there and definitely a number of "love bites" from on-tour playing.

7 Grover Rotomatics lead to a 7-string roller nut! It's joined by a roller saddle at the bridge to keep the string-bending gizmo happy.

I'm not sure what was used for the acoustic portion of this guitar's pickup system (it's active and sounds pretty slick) but the electric portion of this system (it's also active) is a "George L's" lap steel pup -- pretty pricey!

The builder used a tiny little custom "faux cone" to mount the pickup in and so -- unlike your standard plugged-in resonator guitar -- this one's acoustic side of the equation doesn't have feedback issues at all.

This custom, 7-string finger-lever Hipshot "Trilogy" dealie is quite the brute and very cool. Once dialed-in, it's easy to switch around to a number of different tunings without having to fuss with retuning at the headstock.

The guitar is actually overbuilt to withstand the constant stresses of this sort of up-and-down tension adjustment while still staying in tune. It's very stable.

This comes with a TKL hard case (flat top) that's been modified to suit the guitar.

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