1988 Suzuki 1/8 No. 220 Student Violin

This is a consignor's 1/8-size Suzuki violin made in Japan. It comes as an "outfit" with a good hard case, bow, and rosin. My work was only to set it up but otherwise it's all-original and in good order. Because of the size and low tension, the steel-core student strings even sound pretty decent on it! The label reads as made in Nagoya, Japan by Suzuki and has "No 220" as the model number.

My favorite bits about this cute little darling are the  four "floating" fine tuners at the tailpiece -- something I wish more fractional violins had. There's, ironically, a Suzuki Violin Method camp up here in Rochester during the Summer and I often see kids struggling with poorly-setup, high-action, hideously-out-of-tune instruments and it hurts my heart... especially since a quick shop setup is so inexpensive, in the end.

The woods are as normal -- solid spruce for the top and solid maple for the back, sides, and neck. The neck even has a bit of birdseye figure.

The fittings are all ebony -- and the pegs are well-fit.

Oops, but the chinrest is plastic.

Adorable, isn't it? Note the included Glasser bow, spare strings, and -- while not visible -- pad of rosin in the case pocket.

I suppose a "full size" player could also tune one of these up to CGDA above regular violin as a curiosity or recording gadget.

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