1980s Czech-made Josef Lorenz 4/4 Violin

This violin is marked "Czechoslovakia" and was bought new in the 80s. Its label bears the "Josef Lorenz" branding and the name of the town where it was made -- famous Luby. This is a student-grade instrument but is a lot better than your average Chinese make in the same price class these days. The fittings are ebony, the top is solid spruce, and the back, sides and neck are all solid maple. The sound isn't amazing but it is crisp, clean, and clear with a touch more warmth than usual for a student instrument. I've strung it up with John Pearse "Mezzos" (Thom. Dominant copies) and set it up to play quick like a fiddle.

It's in near-mint condition as it just wasn't played a whole bunch for whatever reason. I even had to remove "beginner's stripes" from the fingerboard.

The pegs are fit nicely.

The two-piece back has a mild amount of figure but it does look good with the reddish finish.

The "purfling" is simply painted-on.

It comes with a hard case and a Glasser fiberglass bow needing some more hair.

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