1980s Yamaha G-55-1 Classical Guitar

I bought this old Yamaha in-shop the other day and while it could be a late-70s model, the intonated saddle says it's probably an 80s model. It's Taiwanese-made and came in with a good straight neck and only needing a good setup and tuner lube to get it going again at full proficiency.

Yamahas, as I've mentioned before, are almost always very practical and well-thought-out instruments. Despite being all-laminate in the body (cedar lam top, maple lam sides/back), it has a full, warm sound that works for both classical picking and flamenco thrumming. This has to do with the tolerances Yamaha chose for its laminate: they generally choose very thin materials with stiffer, taller bracing -- that makes a responsive instrument with controlled bass. The laminate makes it great for a beginner (or as a campfire guitar) as it's very stable as well and deals well with being manhandled.

I never understood why Yamaha painted their boards black in 1920s-30s fashion, but so be it!

Yes, the rosette is real -- as is all the binding and purfling.

The intonated G-string slot is nice to have if you plan on using regular nylon strings.

A standard-issue original "hippie case" is included with the guit!


Anonymous said...

I have the same guitar, it's about 37 years old. Just got it back from family, unfortunately hasn't been treated well but in the same condition as yours.
Looking forward to learning some Gypsy/Flamenco.

Peter Mandzuk said...

I have a G-55 that I bought for my lady back in the early 70s. It is a sweet sounding guitar. Unfortunately, one row of tuners needs replacement. The nylon rollers are slipping on the steel shaft resulting in misaligned holes. I have been unable to find replacement rollers that fit properly. I want to keep the original keys and holder because they look and fit great.

Does anyone know where to find these tuners? Yamaha doesn't make part for the G-55 anymore.

andrew newton said...

I found some at guitar center that fit just fine. Mine had worn out also.

Unknown said...

I have the same guitar, i learned to play classical style in this guitar and have had it for 40 years. It is invaluable to me and still a great playing instrument.

Peter Mandzuk said...

Andrew, Took your Guitar Center advice. Found Ping P2623 tuners. $27, functions perfectly, gold color with pearl shaped knobs match the guitar nicely. Don't miss the original "bat wing" knobs anymore. Thanks!