Vermont Life Note #3

Well! This has been a little bit of a crazy week. It's already Saturday and this is my first real "work day" of the week. We have our off-days on Monday and Tuesday and because of wild weather (rain for the last several weeks on Mon & Tues) I took Wednesday "off" this week to build a swingset for the girls as it was a gorgeous, sunny day. Seems like something that'd go quick... but then you have to cut the trees, fit them all together, and cement it all in placey. Sheesh! The "pyramids" on the sides turn into tipis with some fabric covering, in case you're wondering.

Thursday then got eaten up, then, by a newspaper interview (a good type of eaten) and then in-shop customers and band practice (it's now midsummer: time for shows all over the place). Friday... I woke up with a stomach bug and proceeded to live the rest of the day in a half-sleep blackout. Today... good again, so back to work. I'm sorry to anyone who's been trying to get in touch, but that's the way things work around these parts!

Here's our cozy "under the apple tree" hideaway. They have a couple more hideaways up in the woods, too.

These are for our pumpkins! A few more sticks to "grid them out" and we'll have some climbing, hanging, friends.

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