Phone Back

Well, it looks like the "rainy season" and "sun season" finally bleached our old lines enough to crackle them all up! Swapped a new line in and, hey presto, faster internet and working phones.

You can now call me "ringing off the hook" once again... though I've gotta say, a two-day vacation from ring-ring-ring was somewhat nice!

In other news, our older desktop computer (nice old iMac) is finally starting to bite the dust hardware-wise. Look forward (soon) to some inventory gushing out from my reserves to make up for that loss!


albox said...

I will buy a banjo bass if you will sell me one :-)
Suppose that won't quite get you a new mac tho.

Jake Wildwood said...

I'm thinking of building a 16" rim fretless one w/pickup attached in the very soon future! Lots of possibilities there for duo acoustic use or plugged-in band, mic'd recording use.

albox said...

Fretless would make the construction simpler, and would let you experiment with bridge placement, too.

Wonder how it'd sound with the hard picking style you use with the fretted ones.