Wallhanger: 1960s "Folk Boom" Dulcimer

Well, I suppose someone could put the hours needed into this dulcimer, but right now it sure would look good gracing someone's wall. I'm pretty sure it's a 60s "folk boom era" dulcimer and it's obviously handmade and quirky. To get it back into use would require re-boarding, new tuners, strings, bridge modification, new nut, yadda yadda. So -- do all that or put it on your wall. To me it's better used as sculpture -- especially with the coloration!

I love the heart at the top of the peghead.

...and also how symmetry is "not included."

The fretboard is (interestingly) raised to (presumably) coax more tone out of the instrument. Unfortunately, it's cut a bit thin and the board and frets are all slightly twisted and out of sync. The best way to fix this would be to pull the frets, plane the board, and put a new fretboard on top.


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