Vermont Life Note #2

Please excuse me for being so very out of touch for the last few days. We've had family up, kid birthday time, "Spring fever" (of the sickness type) running around, and the usual Spring gardening-style stuff going on. Aside from having our shop open flags out, it's almost been a minor enforced holiday (if you can honestly tell my sore arms and back that) while we've been getting the store/house (it's combined) building up to snuff.

I also demolished a junked-up old player piano that was in the barn since before we moved up here and salvaged not only 5 posts chock full of tight spruce ideal for a lifetime's worth of bracing material but a ton of cool brass hardware as well. Some of the soundboard spruce might make its way into some ukes and the big old brass-plate steel "harp" is now decorating our shop porch as industrial sculpture.

So, without further ado... tomorrow you'll get some pictures of more spruced-up instruments again. There are an awful lot of pretty ones about.

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Anonymous said...

I have two tenor guitars made by Wishnevsky with tops made out of 100-year old piano spruce and they sound inherently elderly and wonderful knotholes and all