1982 Peavey Classic VTX 212 Tube/SS Amplifier

Hunting for classic US-made Peavey on the cheap? This is a nice-sounding one I got in trade. It has way more power than I'll ever need, works as it should (Peaveys are mostly indestructible), and certainly has that "lived-in-charm." These are well-built amps and have a solid state pre with a tube power section... in this case two 6L6s giving a roughly 60w rating. It's loud.

This does "clean" best as it's got a lot of headroom but if you're a shredder type it'll do that, if'n you want... but why not play to its strengths? Apparently these are popular with lap and pedal steel players and the (real) spring reverb tied into a nice clean setup sounds awesome for that sort of stuff.


Pre out!

The serial dates it to 1982.

...and those Scorpion speakers sound just dandy.

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Tim Dempsey said...

i had a slightly earlier version of this with the silver knobs. It might have been a little weaker or in a bit of disrepair, as it wasn't quite loud enough for rockin'. HOWEVER, the phaser was perfection!