Spring Cleaning: 2012 26" Rosewood-rim Tunable Bodhran (Frame drum)

Look familiar? That's because it came off of my 26" banjo bass that was later modified, parted out, and went on to become other projects and instruments. I'm pretty sure this was made in Pakistan.

This is a super cool thing -- big, whoomy, and full-sounding -- and I've used it as a portable bass drum, really, when needed -- by stuffing a pair of socks to mute overtones. As a frame drum it's big and lush and, especially after adding the Remo Renaissance head... hypnotic.

This uses a one-ply rosewood (!) rim with a good, sturdy cross-brace.

There are a bunch of extra small holes in the rim that don't hurt integrity. These were for banjo shoes that I later removed. I added the original drum-style tensioners back when I "de-converted" the drum.

Need a big drum? This runs about $130 new with a skin head... and the Renaissance head is about $30. Granted, it's got some funk appeal... but it's perfectly functional.


Jim said...

What, no sound sample ?

Jake Wildwood said...

Tomorrow. It's hard for me to get really excited about samples for items I'm going to list on the cheap. :D

Shan Ahmadi said...

Is this giant frame drum available for sale?