Spring Cleaning: 2015 Lappocaster

The next few posts are going to be "student priced" Spring cleaning items. I've been so busy reorganizing the place and my own private mix of musical odds and ends that it's time to let some fly just to get them in hands and playing again.

This curious parts-bin wonder is a basswood hardtail Strat-copy body mated to an Asian-import neck. I've added a tall bone nut and set the compensation to "zero" for lap-steel/Dobro style playing. It can certainly be used as a regular electric with a standard nut (still have it, ask), but some minor twist/relief in the neck even with the truss dialed "into reverse bow" means I don't OK it as a neck for standard "Spanish" play (doesn't meet my standards). So: this is more fun.

Yes, it's a grape soda purple body... yes it has a "SuperStrat" humbucker at the bridge... yes it's one-volume-knob in wiring... and yes the pickguard is cream, not white. It's a... Lappocaster! Sounds terrible by the name but makes music to the ears. Hum, hum. Bucker.

The vintage-style Kluson tuners are working quite well.

I used an old Strat whammy tail and hard-mounted it to the top. This has a good-quality alpha volume pot and decent jack, too.

Hilariously, a cat jumped on my shoulders while I was drilling one of the rear-mount holes so one of them is askew. Fortunately, the "rattlecan" purple paint job and lo-fi vibe of this guitar don't make this much of an issue aesthetically.

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