Spring Cleaning: 1960s Japan-made Stewart 14" Snare Drum

Ply shell, cool blue sparkle "wrap," and hardware all intact if not in beautiful shape. It's a simple drum, but it sure does that "funky rattlebox vintage" snare sound pretty well. It's the only snare I used on Living in the Future and I liked its sound. Before recording I added new Remo Renaissance heads... but despite being only 5 months old, they've got some use.

The "Stewart" brand may be on this but it reminds me very much of the Japanese-made Kent drums. It sounds pretty close to American-made Kents, too, and has that feel about it.

The "snare side" head has a small tear in it from some doofus moving the drum during one of our jams. It's still working... but it'd be a useful thing to replace at some point if you're looking for crystalline-pure sound (look elsewhere)!

The throw-off could be better-adjusted as well, but I tend to like a rumbly, rattly sound to snares like this so I left it as it was when it came to me in trade.

It comes with a funky old heavier-duty stand that works just fine.

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