Spring Cleaning: 1960s Gretsch? 15" Floor Tom/Field Snare? Drum

While this is unmarked (badges and various hardware is missing), the build and style of this rim is undeniably Gretsch from the 50s/60s. It's got the cool silver paint inside and all that and shares the same design attributes. It's a 15" unit and is fairly deep. I've been using it as a big old tom and it certainly sounds thunderous and rumbly. Two tension bolts are missing and the rest are perhaps not the perfect fit (and two are missing), but it gets the job done. I used this to get some "middy thunder" on Living in the Future.

This has two Remo Renaissance tom batters that are 4-5 months old and holding up fairly clean and well. If you're the kind of guy that has old Gretsch hardware around then you could get this up and running with proper trim in a kit quite quickly and it'd be running around as a cool old $350-450 piece. Or... like me... you could use it for an all-around "mid-baritone" sound in your mix. With loose enough heads and damping you can get a decent "small kick" sound out of it, for that matter (yes, I've tried... fun)!

The red sparkle is pretty eye-catching.

What I've been using as the "lower" hoop has slots for snare wires. Whether this was actually used with them is up for debate, however, as I don't see any signs of a throw-off being installed.

I'm guessing this was for some legs at some point...?

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